In personalized one-on-one sessions, I teach flow yoga informed by specialties in Pilates, dance, and Thai Yoga Massage.

I teach all levels of yoga as a source of health, growth, and artistry. For over a decade I've offered purposeful sequencing, unique guidance, and relaxing support to students in New York City, and now bring my teaching practice to San Diego and beyond. After a lifetime of movement geekery as a dancer, I have a nuanced ability to recognize habits, alert students to them, and point out pathways to greater freedom. My transformative teaching practice harnesses the breath to foster mindfulness and alignment sprinkled with both impish humor and practical compassion. Private sessions are grounded in real life: your body, your schedule, and your goals.

Movement is for every body.


In 2004 I received the nationally recognized Yoga Teaching Certification from New York City’s OM Yoga followed by the Prenatal Yoga Teaching Certification. I am a Birth Doula and I support individuals during labor and childbirth. Informed by my experience as both a doula and a teacher, prenatal with me includes classic yoga poses with new variations that strengthen and open the body for labor and birth while easing common pregnancy discomforts. Students bond with their growing baby while building a toolkit of techniques to prepare for the challenge and joy of labor and birth. Practice may include both restorative yoga and an energizing flow.

My lifelong academic and personal investigation into the physical self informs my attention to anatomical clarity. I guide my students to cultivate mindfulness and intuitive alignment by harnessing the breath. My creative sequencing derives from asana tradition and contemporary dance. Every student can expect a core experience of a clear mind, an aligned body, and an integrated spirit.

I am grateful to my teachers Cyndi Lee, Laura Scott, Jennifer Brilliant, Frank Mauro, Deb Fernandez, Deb Flashenberg, and Marilyn Howell; and to my parents who nurtured my love of balancing on the lurching arm of the family rocking chair.