Anna Brown Massey

What I do

I am a choreographer, and
I am a writer, and
I am a teacher, and
I am an artist who designs live events. My video documentation lives online

I teach diverse methods of action, composition, and arts entrepreneurship. My choreographic and teaching practices are informed by inclusive pedagogy. My work is defined by the people who join me, both as artistic partners and as audience members. My choreographic events frequently highlight themes of agency and authorship. I am attentive to the body as a site of identity and transience.

I work intimately with sound, and I frequently enlist text in product and process. My research manifests in outside installations, multi-media immersions, and dances on stages. 

I am interested in the politics of process and performance. Threaded throughout my work is an investigation into the ethical systems of art-making.                                                               


What I've done

Anna Brown Massey researches intermedia performance, community arts development, and transdisciplinary improvisation. With choreographic, teaching, and performance commissions in Europe, the Caribbean, and across the United States, Anna has received grants and residencies from the Brooklyn Arts Council, Times Square Alliance, The Work Office, NTHCCC, Marble House Project; and from the Ohio State University’s Department of Department of Dance, Graduate School, and Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design.

Anna co-founded the annual challenge NACHMO (National Choreography Month), the site-specific dance company The Moves Project, and the advocacy group the Columbus Dance Alliance. From 2016 to 2017, Anna joined the Humane Technology Livable Futures Conference as a Research Fellow, presented at the Joint Conference of the Congress on Research in Dance and the Society for Dance History Scholars, and earned gala selection for her choreography at the American College Dance Association Eastern-Central Conference. Anna has been a Lecturer in San Diego State University's Division of Dance since 2017.