Brooklyn Arts Council Grant

Leading NACHMO  (National Choreography Month) with Co-Director Sharyn Korey means perpetual growth and challenge. By all appearances the wealth of work happens in January and February, but we exhaust the year with a cycle of designing, planning, and development in preparation and enactment followed by reflection. Last September as I arrived at the Ohio State University to begin my graduate fellowship, I was especially immersed in NACHMO with the Brooklyn Arts Council’s Community Arts Fund grant September deadline looming.

Sharyn and I wrote the application in tandem, trading google doc edits for weeks. We figured it was a long shot, the first major grant request for NACHMO. And we got it. They covered our whole Brooklyn production from head to tail. Now a year later, with NACHMO still celebrating an incredible 2014-15 season, we got alerted to a lovely reminder of that support this month by some of our AC members attending a BAC presentation. They sent in screenshots of NACHMO’s digital presence at the development talk. We’re on the Brooklyn Arts Council’s front page for grants, a timely reminder of the generous reward that we received from BAC.