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I offer editing and proofreading services from a wealth of experience assisting individuals in the academy, the arts, and business.

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Jess Cavender, MFA

Anna has been editing my work since 2015, assisting with everything in the business of art-making: grants, cover-letters, biographies, web content, and social media marketing. She is adept in tailoring language for my audiences and helps me to shape the nascent or loose ends I leave hanging out in my communications. Anna is both a clever editor and a hawk-eyed proofreader; she helps with the structure of the ideas I'm working to get across, and hones in on essential details. Having her help has not only improved my final written works, but has changed how I approach and frame my writing. She offers explanations that help me grow as a writer and has helped me to find a confident, compelling voice. To paraphrase Gabby Noone, behind every great woman is another woman proofreading her work. I turn to Anna with my most important writing and would unequivocally recommend her for any writing endeavor. She is a pleasure to work with: professional, perceptive, and brilliant. 



Anna has keen ear for language. She has helped me with graduate school essays, professional writing, articles, and personal correspondence. She is my go-to editor. Anna has a knack for immediately understanding the essence of what I am trying to communicate and delivering it with clarity and elegance–all while maintaining my personal tone and voice.


Anna is an excellent and attentive copy editor. She helped me tighten my professional materials for applications to academic teaching positions, specifically my teaching philosophy and diversity statement, which are tricky. She researched the subject of my writing and intended audience in order to help me form my materials to the context of the institution, all while maintaining my true voice. With her assistance, my professional writing has improved significantly. Anna is reliable, thorough, and prompt with her work ethic. I highly recommend her and plan to return to her for editing services in the future.